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For 2 months, your audiometric tests are performed free of charge by IA


At the end of the 2-month period, you can choose to continue working with us if you are fully satisfied.


After the trial period, iAudiogram invoices you each month for the audiometries performed by IA

Our rates

Our services are invoiced on a fee-for-service basis, so that we can monitor your activity as closely as possible.

This pricing includes all our services (installation, equipment supply, maintenance, audiometrist fees, etc.) in a single package.

Pure tone audiometry: €6 (CDQP010 rate = €26.18)

+ Speech audiometry: +4€ (price CDQP012 = 39.27€)

Noise speech audiometry: €5 (CDQP012 rate = €33.11)

An innovative and cost-effective solution

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Average time you spend on a tone + speech audiometry (min)

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Fee for tone + voice audiometry

Fee for voice audiometry in the noise

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There's nothing like a test drive!

To find out more about our services, we offer you free installation of the Audiopod at your practice as well as audiometric testing for 2 months with no obligation. During these two months, you will to appreciate the quality of our services, to reorganize your activity if necessary to take full advantage of and benefit from the audiological expertise of our platform.

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