Our history – Our values

Unique know-how

1 in 2 people have never had their hearing tested. The demand for hearing care (ENT doctors, audioprosthetists or preventive medicine centers) exceeds the possibilities offered by the medical profession. By making your  auditory explorations  automatically using Artificial Intelligence, iAudiogram saves you timeto devote your time to your patients, in the interests of efficiency.

Our mission

Using Artificial Intelligence, we make quality hearing tests accessible, so that everyone can have access to a hearing test and a medical diagnosis, putting the doctor, the ENT specialist and then the hearing aid acoustician at the center of deafness care.

Guarantee the accuracy of audiometric results and offer complementary audiological expertise to characterize your patients’ hearing in detail, and ultimately propose new therapeutic approaches.

Offer an efficient solution for ENT doctors and hearing aid acousticians, freeing up their time

Our core business: AI-assisted Audiology

Artificial intelligence opens up new perspectives in the field of Audiology, making it possible to improve and facilitate the care of hearing-impaired patients. iAudiogram has developed a unique expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Audiology, the fruit of several years of research and development, university, scientific and medical collaborations that have led to the creation of unique and exclusive solutions. This work has enabled us to offer more accurate and comprehensive audiological assessments, improving the quality of care we offer our patients, and freeing up precious medical time by automating the collection of audiometric data.

iAudiogram, a world 1st in a few figures:

4 International patents

covering various inventions implemented in the Audiopod exclusively

8 Clinical studies

currently being published, have validated all the innovations implemented in the AudioPod

Winner of the i-Nov Competition

iAudiogram wins the i-Nov national competition in the Deeptech section, organized by the French government and BPI France

Scientific collaborations

with internationally renowned research institutes and laboratories: Institut de l’Audition – Institut Pasteur, APHP, Institut Gustave Roussy, CHU de Rennes, Institut supérieur d’Electronique de Paris, etc.

Our advantages

iAudiogram’s mission is to free you from technical constraints so that you can devote yourself fully to caring for your patients.

Time-saving and flexible

for enhanced working comfort. Automatically perform audiometric assessments with the help of AI


Certified equipment, calibrated and maintained by us, made available to you free of charge; Automation by AI, permanently available 24/7

Extensive expertise

Full functional investigations: tone and speech audiometry, noise audiometry, assessment of prosthetic benefits (hearing aids and implants), assessment of supraliminal hearing ability

Security and confidentiality

Your data is stored on your premises, or according to your wishes, on a secure, encrypted cloud in France.


Find out how and how much iAudiogram can save you

Our Scientific Committee

Composed mainly of renowned Doctors, University Professors and Researchers, they are references in their field of Excellence and Expertise. All of them, in totalindependence, helped us to move forward and progress, with their invaluable advice and kindness. 


Pr. Ilaria RENNA

Professor  IA – Human
Robot Interaction –
Institute Supérieur Electronique de Paris


Prof. Dr. Diane LAZARD
(PhD, MD)

ENT and Researcher –  

Institut Pasteur –  Institut de l’Audition


Pr. Benoit GODEY
(PhD, MD, HDR, Pr)

Professor of ENT – Head of ENT department – CHRU de Rennes


Prof. Dr. Laurent SEIDERMANN

ENT and President of SNORL


Pr. Florence ROSSANT (PhD, HDR, Pr)

Professor Signal & Image processing – Institute Supérieur Electronique de Paris


Emmanuel PONSOT (PhD)

Researcher in Experimental Psychology – Ecole Normale Supérieure – IRCAM

Pr. Benoit GODEY

Head of Department @ CHU de Rennes

Prof. Dr. Laurent SEIDERMANN

President @ SNORL

Pr. Florence ROSSANT

Pr, PhD
University Professor in Image and Signal Processing @ ISEP

Pr. Christian LORENZI

Pr, PhD
University Professor in Cognitive Sciences @ ENS - CNRS

Prof. Dr. Diane LAZARD

ENT & Researcher @ The Hearing Institute

Pr. Ilaria RENNA

Pr, PhD
University Professor of AI and Human-Robot Interaction @ ISEP

Scientific collaborations

Our team

Nicolas Wallaert (PhD, Aud. M.Sc, Ing)

Founder and Chairman

Nicolas Wallaert is an Audioprosthetist D.E. M.Sc. Audiologist, PhD in Cognitive Sciences from theEcole Normale Supérieure and acoustics engineer. Since 2010, he has been an associate member of the LSP (CNRS, ENS). Clinically, he works as an audioprosthetist in Champagne Ardennes. He is a member of several learned societies: Collège National d’Audioprothèse, Association for Research in Otolaryngology, …

Hadrien Jean (PhD, Ing)

Innovation Director

Hadrien Jean holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure. Passionate about artificial intelligence and more specifically Deep Learning, he worked as a DataScientist and Machine Learning Scientist for AVA (AI-based real-time transcription for deaf patients) before joining iAudiogram. Today, he designs the AI algorithms that automate the entire audiometric assessment (speech recognition, Bayesian process, etc.). He is the author of reference books (“Essentiels Maths for Data Sciences”), and a teacher in his spare time.

Nihaad Paraouty (PhD, Ing)

Scientific Director - Clinical Studies and Clinical Support

Nihaad Paraouty has a recognized scientific background in the world of Hearing Sciences: PhD in Cognitive Sciences at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Post-Doc at New York University, Researcher at INSERM… before joining iAudiogram. It determines future scientific projects, collaborates with numerous world-renowned research institutions (Institut de l’Audition, IGR, ISEP, APHP, ENS…) and is in charge of scientific validation and clinical studies.

Antoine Perry (Ing)

Technical Manager

Antoine Perry is an engineer and full-stack developer, and leads the iAudiogram development team. Passionate about music, computing and artificial intelligence, he is currently working on his PhD thesis on AI analysis of audiological data, with a view to developing disruptive solutions for proactive treatment of deafness (predictive diagnosis, personalized medicine).

Lamisse Zeghouda (Ing)

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Lamisse Zeghouda is a Pharmaceutical and Health Product Engineer with a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Pathology. She is in charge of Quality at iAudiogram, clinical follow-up and regulatory compliance (CE Marking – DM). Before joining iAudiogram, she worked in the implant industry.

Michel Le Masson

Sales Team

For over 33 years, Michel Le Masson and his partner and friend Paul Jaeckel ran Collin Medical, a company specializing in the supply of ENT equipment, bringing innovative design and functional solutions to the specialty. Not wanting to leave the “ENT family” behind, Michel Le Masson has set up MLM Medical, a company offering a wide range of solutions for ENT specialists, and is working with iAudiogram to provide ENT specialists with innovative solutions.

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